Vantage Patrol Robot


Transcend’s Vantage robot is the first technological breakthrough in law enforcement robotics in the last 30 years. Its double patented automatic stair and obstacle mobility technology has given officers an unprecedented tool for successful mobile reconnaissance. It’s ability to be deployed with nearly no prior training has made this advanced safety through distance tool finally feasible for patrol departments. Patrol offices can use the Vantage robot to respond to welfare checks for COVID-19, suicide by cop and other none compliant subjects before calling a SWAT team. The Vantage can be fully integrated into a supervisor patrol SUV including charger.

Call us at 619-436-1322 to learn more.


  • Double Patented Automatic Stair and Obstacle Climbing Chassis
  • No frustrating flipper controls, just move forward to climb stairs and obstacles
  • Cameras:
    • Drive Camera (Night Vision)
    • Pan Tilt Zoom (25x zoom, 90/15 degree up/down tilt, auto infrared night vision)
    • FLIR Thermal
  • ~ 3 hours constant driving
  • ~ 12 hours monitoring / intermittent driving
  • ~ 2,500 ft. LOS / ~500 ft. NLOS
  • 100+ lb. payload
  • Zero degree turning radius
  • Turns on carpet
  • Drives over clothes
  • Two Way Audio (Push To Talk)
  • Key Ignition
  • Easy Battery Swapping (Robot & Controller)


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