Mental Health Crisis Averted by Vantage Robot

It was a tactical nightmare. An individual suffering from a pronounced mental health crisis had barricaded himself in a dark basement with only one steep and narrow stairway for access. Further, the basement had been sectioned off with multiple hanging sheets so that no line of sight was possible.

Chief Bordi said, “We were concerned he may be a danger to himself or others and it was unclear whether the subject was armed. We didn’t know if the individual may have been attempting suicide by cop. The tactical alternatives were extremely limited and would necessarily subject police and the individual to an unacceptable level of risk.”

Unfortunately, these types of mental health crises are on the rise nationwide and pose an increasingly unacceptable risk to law enforcement. No officer should needlessly be placed in harm’s way when an affordable and proven tactical option now exists.

“Without Transcend Robotics Vantage robot, it would have been a very dangerous situation to walk into a dark basement to try to locate this individual who was emotionally disturbed. We didn’t know if he had weapons or the intention to hurt us.”

Chief Bordi continued. “We employed considerable effort trying to call out the man, but he remained completely non-communicative. We decided to deploy the Vantage robot which only took a few minutes and it proved to be a game changer.”

In this instance, the police deployed Transcend Robotics Vantage robot which has been designed specifically for law enforcement to provide all of the necessary capabilities in an easy to use package, utilizing patented stair-climbing and obstacle avoidance technology so that offices can focus on the task at hand.

“The robot was easily able to manage the stairs and the difficult landing at the bottom. It was a hairpin turn with the floor covered with clothes and other debris and the Vantage robot was able to traverse everything without any issue whatsoever.  It was even able to drive through the hanging sheets without getting tangled or otherwise hindered. Other robots would have been tangled in these sheets and clothes.”

“The drive camera combined with the pan – tilt – zoom camera gave us a perfect view of the room and the subject once the robot found him. We were able to continually see his hands and confirm that the subject did not have any weapons on him or near him and we used the two way audio to attempt to talk to him – but he remained non-verbal to any commands.”

“The subject at first did not acknowledge the presence of the robot. But then he tried to cover it with blankets and sheets. We were able to easily back the robot up, and the treads, by their design, simply pulled the sheets off. We repeatedly defeated his action of debilitating the robot with sheets. It was amazing.”

“The use of the Vantage robot created a great tactical advantage and it helped bring a peaceful resolution to the situation. We were able to easily and safely enter the basement and take the man into protective custody. We would not want to face a similar situation without having the robot available to us.”

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