Hawaii County PD Deploys Transcend VANTAGE robot to Serve High Risk Warrant

The domestic violence warrant was being served on a convicted felon who had threatened the lives of law enforcement. His threats were backed up by a cache of semi-automatic weapons and a barricaded position that did not allow for safe cover.

The VANATGE robot’s

The VANATGE robot’s debris guards allow for maneuvering in the toughest of terrains.

So, in less than one minute, the Hawaii County Police Department deployed their Transcend Robotics Vantage robot to act as eyes and ears in a position that would have been highly dangerous or even impossible for an officer.

From within the safety of their Bearcat and without any specialized training, the officers were able to maneuver the Vantage robot through mud, gravel, and over large rocks to act as the primary observer of the front door.

“This was a highly successful deployment serving a warrant,” said Lt. Gusman. “With the assistance of the Vantage robot, we were able to get the suspect to surrender without any weapons being discharged.”

“The pan / tilt camera proved very valuable as we maneuvered the robot around the side of the house and over difficult terrain into the front yard all from within the safety of our armored vehicle. The powerful communications and control signal never faltered.”

“The robot was faster to deploy, easier to operate, less expensive, yet more capable than our previous robot that required a complex flipper system to use. With Transcend Tactical, we just pointed the robot in the direction we wanted and it automatically overcame every obstacle in its path. It honestly functioned better than expected.”

“We didn’t need to use the FLIR camera or the two
way audio but it was comforting knowing we had those capabilities built in.”


Use the VANTAGE robot to cover multiple exits where it’d be dangerous for an officer.

He added, “We definitely would not want to deploy a team without the option of using the Vantage robot. We strongly recommend it to our fellow officers around the country.”

Transcend Robotics has developed its Vantage robot at a price point so that any agency can afford its life-saving capabilities. No dangerous deployment should operate without it. For more information contact www.TranscendRobotics.com.

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