DHS Successfully Uses Transcend Tactical Robot to Mitigate Risk

With a somber tone, the DHS agent commented, “If we didn’t have a robot, this could have had a terrible outcome with loss of life.”

One of the most dangerous tactical situations to face agents and police all around the country presents itself when armed suspects barricade themselves in homes or buildings. This gun versus guns scenario places everyone at risk of serious injury or death.


The VANTAGE robot is able to enter a home by overcoming debris on stairs and in cluttered houses.

Fortunately, law enforcement now has advanced robotics technology available to significantly mitigate or eliminate this risk.

“In the year 2019, it makes no sense to send officers or agents into a dangerous tactical situation when a robot can perform the same room clearing with no risk to human life.” So says agent [Name Redacted] of San Diego DHS.

“We routinely need to serve high risk warrants for suspects believed to possibly be armed and dangerous. Before we had robots to perform this work, we had no choice but to risk the lives of agents – and the suspects – by performing a high stress insertion and clearing of the building room by room.”

“But advanced stair and obstacle climbing robots have changed all of that. We recently deployed our Transcend Tactical Vantage robot in under three minutes from behind our armored vehicle and were able to clear a building room by room without placing agents or the suspect in harm’s way. In this most recent deployment, the suspect was barricaded with multiple unregistered firearms and was unresponsive to verbal commands.”

The Transcend VANTAGE robot

The Transcend VANTAGE robot can overcome unpredictable obstacles and stairs with ease by just moving forward.

Agent [Name Redacted] added, “Our robot is able climb difficult stairs with ease, to perform zero degree turns on plush carpet, to barrel open doors even with debris behind them, to climb over materials on the floor like blankets, clothes, and trash, and to see in the dark with the included FLIR optics. The 25x pan and tilt camera added a very clear view of the area and rooms and the two-way audio allowed us to listen for voices and to talk a suspect out. We didn’t even need to use the additional booster to reach the far side of the building and we experienced no control, video, or audio signal loss. It was a complete success.”

“This is our new norm and I hope it will become the standard nationwide for other agencies. Given the dramatic cost reduction in easy to use and highly capable robots, the real question is why wouldn’t you have a robot like this available to protect lives? We will not hesitate to do so in future dangerous tactical deployments of this nature.”

Per regulations, agent names have been redacted from this article.

Transcend Robotics has developed its Vantage robot at a price point so that any agency can afford its life-saving capabilities. No dangerous deployment should operate without it. For more information contact www.TranscendRobotics.com.

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